EP Review: “No Education” by Incase We Crash

Incase We Crash have released their latest EP, titled “No Education.”

The EP kicks off with the excellent opener and title track, “No Education.” The vocal performance instantly impressed me, delivering some great melodies as the catchy instrumentals (especially the guitars) accompany it. “Varadero” is even more catchy, with melodies that are very memorable (let the hook in the intro be an example) and energetic instrumentals driving the upbeat rhythm. “Waiting To Sink” is one where the instrumentals really show, from the bass and guitars in the intro and verses to the drums and synths in the chorus. “Straight 2 The Head” is another very upbeat track and overall a fun one to listen to. The guitar riff in the intro quickly grabs the listener’s attention and the captivating vocal performance keeps them engaged, leading up to the chorus where they bring some more incredible melodies and the instrumentals shine a bit more. 

“I Threw My Books Into The Ocean” is a huge standout on here compared to the others, as it’s a bit slower and primarily driven by synths rather than harder guitars, bass and drums. The vocals seem to really show off more on this track compared to some of the others, really showing the talent that the singer of this band has, and this performance is probably the most passionate one on the EP. Closing track “What I See” brings back the more rock and pop punk leaning elements in the band’s sound with some harder instrumentals, an energetic chorus, and verses that provide melodies that are as catchy as those on the first couple of tracks on this release. The bridge absolutely blew me away when I heard it for the first time, and the vocals really stand out in that moment, perhaps even more than they did on the previous track.

In Conclusion…

I thought this EP was great. Each song is very enjoyable and memorable, and the performances and songwriting make them all stand out.

Listen to the EP here.

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